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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name   Description
Donor Advised Fund
California-Israel Fund Donate
NEW Genesis Fund Donate
William & Kathleen Sloan Fund Donate
Barbara B. Ansel Family Endowment Fund Donate Created to distribute in equal portions to: Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region, Hillel at Davis and Sacramento and North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation.
Carry Cohn Jewish Education Fund Donate
CBI Permanent Endowment Fund Donate
Chazzan Carl E. Naluai Jr. Steinway Fund Donate
Cissie Goldstein Leisure League Donate Life & Legacy
Congregation Bet Haverim Endowment Fund Donate
Congregation Beth Shalom Unity Endowment Fund Donate
Danny Goldstein Decades of Devotion to Youth Fund Donate
Edber Mosaic Law Endowment Fund Donate
Edber Shalom School Endowment Fund Donate
Einstein Center Endowment Fund Donate
JCFW Endowment Fund for the Benefit of Hillel at Davis and Sacramento Donate
Jessie and Daniel Yoshpe Passover Seder Fund FBO Hillel at Davis and Sacramento Donate To support students attending the Hillel at Davis and Sacramento annual Passover Seder by defraying the student cost to attend and secondarily to support costs to prepare the Seder.
Jewish Community Foundation of the West Endowment Fund Donate
Jewish Family Service Endowment Fund Donate To fund social services through the auspices of the JFSR.
JFSR Israel and Overseas Allocations Fund Donate Make annual contributions to Israel and/or overseas service organizations as determined by the Federation board or an Overseas allocation committee of the Federation.
JFSR LEGACY Endowment Donate for LEGACY donations to fund general operations
KOH Library Endowment Fund Donate
Larry and Sharon Legacy Fund FBO Mosaic Law Congregation Donate To support the needs of Mosaic Law Congregation in Sacramento CA
Leonard V. Finder Hillel Lecture Series Donate
Madeline Rosenthal Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Endowment Donate
Melton Sacramento Endowment Fund Donate To fund Melton Sacramento General Operations
MLC Men's Club Endowment Fund Donate
Mosaic Law Endowment Donate Mosaic Law's Endowment will provide resources for the Mosaic Law's general fund.
Phillips Campership Endowment Fund Donate
Shalom School Scholarship Endowment Donate
Teen Trips to Israel Endowment Fund Donate 1.To redeem certificates given by the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region to boys and girls on their Bar or Bat Mitzvah for qualifying trips to Israel. 2.To subsidize other qualifying trips to Israel by teenagers.
The Greater Lake Tahoe Fund for Jewish Learning Donate To support Jewish Learning in the Greater Lake Tahoe region
The Kenesset Israel Torah Center LIFE and LEGACY Endowment Fund Donate To support Kenesset Israel Torah Center general Operations
The Larry and Norma Rappaport Programming Endowment Donate To provide annual funding for Hillel at Davis and Sacramento's programming staff
Thomas Wayne Grossman Building Endowment Fund Donate To support NTHC maintenance of it's grounds and facilities
TOR Legacy Endowment Fund Donate
Transportation Support for the Jewish Elderly Endowment Fund Donate
Trust Fund for Jewish Seniors Donate
William and Sedelle Belson Campership Endowment Fund Donate
William Belson Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate
William Henry Zimmerman URJ Campership Endowment Fund Donate To provide scholarships for deserving children whose families are members of Congregation B'nai Israel to attend URJ summer camp
Foundation JCFW
Jewish Community Foundation of the West Operating Fund Donate
Youth Philanthropy Companion Fund Donate This fund was created to provide funding for the Teen Funders Sacramento program. The program was established in August 2020 and the funding is from the Youth Philanthropy Endowment. It has purpose of holding the spendable balance from the Youth Philanthropy Fund and additional donations, money's left at the end of the annual program cycle September - March will go into the Youth Philanthropy Endowment
Organization Owned Advised
Anna Forman Leadership Institute Philanthropic Fund Donate To fund leadership activities
Benabou - Nelson Moroccan Shabbat Fund Donate For Shabbat Support
Bubbie's Shabbat Fund Donate For Shabbat support
Friends of Albert Einstein Residence Center Philanthropic Fund Donate
Hillel at Davis and Sacramento Fund Donate
Hillel Building/Programming Fund Donate
Hillel Len Family Lunch Fund Donate For Tuesday Lunch support
Home of Peace General Endowment Donate
Home of Peace Perpetual Maintenance Fund Donate
Home of Peace Pre-Need Fund Donate
HOP Acquisition and Improvement Fund Donate
Julius and Joanne Kravitz Memorial Fund for Jewish Growth and Learning Donate To support an annual program at Hillel that excites Hillel students, faculty and staff and the larger Davis/Sacramento community.
Shirley Seave Scholar-in-Residence Fund Donate
Special Grants Pgm of the Jewish Federation of the Sacto Region Donate To fund grants to the community as authorized by JFSR
TICVA Fund Donate The Israel Civil Voice Alliance TICVA fund was established to promote programming for Civil Discourse.
Organization Owned Endowment
Congregation B'nai Israel General Endowment Donate
Congregation B'nai Israel Maintenance Endowment Donate
Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region Fund Donate To fund general operations
TOR Maintenance Endowment Donate
Other Funds