Donate to any of these funds online. If you have any questions contact us at 916.441.1613 or by email

Donate To A Fund

Donor Advised Fund
  Donate ADA Horowitz / Goldscheid Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Alan and Nancy Brodovsky Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Alcalay Family Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Alexandra Palant Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Belzer Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Berrin Family Gift Fund
  Donate Birch Family Charitable Trust
  Donate Brodovsky Foundation Fund
  Donate California-Israel Fund for Collaborative Scientific Research
The purpose of the fund is to support scientific research projects involving collaborations between Israeli and US scientists, with a preference for US participants from UC Davis.
  Donate Caren Rubin Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Carol J. Licker Family Trust
  Donate Cartwright Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Clair Family Fund
  Donate Colussy & Recht Family Fund
  Donate Dan & Katherine Gumpert Donor Advised Fund
  Donate DeLugach Smith Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Denni Mador Charitable Fund
  Donate Dulberg Family Fund
  Donate Elizabeth and Deon Stein Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Eric and Jodi Liederman Fund
  Donate Fassler Family Fund
  Donate Fishbein Fund
  Donate Franklin and Janie Gumpert Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Franklin and Janie Gumpert Philanthropic Fund Church
  Donate Goldstein-Norene Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Harold and Anne Eisenberg Fund
  Donate Hass Family Fund
  Donate Hayward Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Herman Family Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Ilfeld Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Indigent Burial Fund
The purpose of the fund is to provide burial services for Jewish individuals who have died and did not have the financial means to have a Jewish burial.
  Donate Irv Goldberg Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Jeff and Irit Winston Charitable Fund
  Donate Jeffrey and Carey Feldstein Tzedakah Fund
  Donate Jerry and Eleanor Fishbein Memorial Fund
  Donate Jerry Pollack and Joan Gusinow Charitable Fund
  Donate Jim and Judy Ganulin Fund
  Donate Jonathan & Laurie Miller Family Fund
  Donate Joy and Steve Cohan Tzedakah Fund
  Donate Kaufman Family Fund
  Donate Ken and Nancy Fahn Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Klein Give Back Local Real Estate Fund
  Donate Landsberg Family Fund
  Donate Larry and Evelyn Lieb Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Larry and Sharon Saltzman Family Charitable Trust
Donate Larry's Team for Blood Cancer Research
The Dr. Larry's Team for Blood Cancer Research is to support blood cancer research grants as the opportunities exist through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
The following allows you to make a donation immediately by credit card and includes a means to identify if this donation is being made in honor or memory of someone you would like to note.

If paying by check, federal banking laws state we can only accept checks made payable to “Jewish Community Foundation of the West.” Please write on the check memo line our fund name – Dr. Larry’s Team for Blood Cancer Research, or attach a note. Please mail your check to: JCFW, 2130 21st Street, Sacramento CA 95818.

If making a stock donation, download the Authorize an Asset Transfer to JCFW and follow the directions.
  Donate Leff Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Levy Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Lewis Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Linda and Gerald Carsman Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Linda & David Poisner Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Linda L. Henderson Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Loeb Williams Family Fund
  Donate Mabee/Gumpert Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Mador Family Trust
  Donate Marvin and Linda Kamras 25th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
  Donate Merewitz Family Israel Fund
  Donate Michael & Barbara Ullman Fund
  Donate Mike and Lynn Dean Family Fund
  Donate Mishele Ellison Lung Cancer Research Fund
  Donate Mitchell and Teri Ostwald Charitable Fund
  Donate Mort & Marcy Friedman Charitable Fund
  Donate NEW Genesis Fund
  Donate Olson Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Polansky Family Charitable Fund
  Donate Rabin Charitable Trust
  Donate Rabinovitz Family Fund
  Donate Ratinoff Family Charitable Fund
  Donate Rebeka Shapiro Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Repair the World DeLugach Smith
  Donate Robert and Stacy Spector Charitable Fund
  Donate Robinson / Swartz Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Robyn Asch Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Rosenbaum Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Rosenbloom Family Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Sadigh Harouni Charity Fund
  Donate Samuel E and Florence Ziegler Fund
  Donate Schenirer-Lefkovitz Fund
  Donate Seth Rosenthal and Joi Barrett Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Shafick and Judith Alfi Memorial Fund
  Donate Shapiro Family Donor Advised Charitable Fund
  Donate Singer Charitable Fund
  Donate Singer Family Fund
  Donate Slaton / Newton Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Steve and Carol Goldberg Family Fund
  Donate Steve and Judi Turtletaub Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Steven and Sandra Felderstein Donor-Advised Fund
  Donate Stieber Family Giving Trust
  Donate Strasser Family Fund
  Donate Tammy & Michael Rochman Charitable Fund
  Donate Terri Friedman & Mark Urban Philanthropic Fund
  Donate The David E. Kalb & Nancy A. Gelbard Fund
  Donate The SCMG Sustainable Fund
  Donate Tiffany Vito Memorial Fund
  Donate WE Brown Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Weisberg Family Fund
  Donate William & Kathleen Sloan Fund
  Donate Wittlake Taylor Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Zachary Gonzalez Donor Advised Fund
  Donate Zimmerman Family Fund
  Donate Zlotlow Family Fund
  Donate Aaron and Alyssa Prohofsky Endowment Fund
  Donate Adam Friedman Endowment Fund
  Donate Adam Poisner Endowment Fund
  Donate Alan and Dana Edelstein Family Endowment Fund
  Donate Andy Goldscheid Memorial Fund
To support a speaker series for Temple Or Rishon and the larger Sacramento Jewish Community
  Donate Barbara B. Ansel Family Endowment Fund
Created to distribute in equal portions to: Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region, Hillel at Davis and Sacramento and North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation.
  Donate Benjamin, Gabriel and Jacob Harouni Endowment Fund
  Donate Blanche and Norman Ginsburg Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarships to your attending Jewish overnight camps.
  Donate Blank Fund
The purpose of the fund is (A) to make charitable distributions during the lifetimes of Bill Blank and Wendy Hoffman-Blank; and B) after the deaths of Bill and Wendy, to make annual distributions from the available fund to the following organizations: Hillel of Davis and Sacramento 25%, Mosaic law (USY Scholarship Fund) 25%, Shalom School (Tuition Assistance Fund) 25% and Home of Peace 25%.
  Donate BMG Scholarship Endowment Fund
To provide one or more annual scholarship(s) to student(s) enrolled in California State University, Sacramento (CSUS), in the field of communications. Specific criteria are identified in the worksheet for establishing a CSUS Trust Foundation scholarshp
  Donate Brett and Natalie Polan Endowment Fund
  Donate Caren Rubin Endowment Fund
Support of Mosaic Law Congregation and Shalom School.
  Donate Carry Cohn Jewish Education Fund
  Donate CBI Permanent Endowment Fund
  Donate Cissie Goldstein Leisure League
Life & Legacy
  Donate Congregation Bet Haverim Endowment Fund
  Donate Congregation Beth Shalom Unity Endowment Fund
The distributions from this fund benefit Congregation Beth Shalom in Carmichael for general operations.
  Donate Congregation B'nai Israel Chazzan Instrument Fund
  Donate Danny Goldstein Decades of Devotion to Youth Fund
  Donate Dr. Richard and Martha Pastcan Scholarship Fund
  Donate Edber Mosaic Law Endowment Fund
  Donate Edber Shalom School Endowment Fund
  Donate Einstein Center Endowment Fund
  Donate Eli Rosenthal Endowment Fund
  Donate Estelle Strasser Memorial Endowment Fund
  Donate Ethan and Eliot Liederman Charitable Fund
  Donate Ethan and Wyatt Brown Charitable Fund
  Donate Finegold Mosaic Law Endowment Fund
  Donate Goldscheid Endowment Fund
  Donate Gumpert Family Endowment Fund
  Donate Hannah Poisner Endowment Fund
  Donate Hanna Rosenheimer Endowment Fund
  Donate Horst Brothers Endowment Fund
  Donate JCFW Endowment Fund for the Benefit of Hillel at Davis and Sacramento
  Donate Jessie and Daniel Yoshpe Passover Seder Fund FBO Hillel at Davis and Sacramento
To support students attending the Hillel at Davis and Sacramento annual Passover Seder by defraying the student cost to attend and secondarily to support costs to prepare the Seder.
  Donate Jessie and Daniel Yoshpe Philanthropic Endowment
This fund will be used to provide Shalom School 6th grade graduation classes gift books and also to provide books for the Shalom School Library
  Donate Jewish Community Foundation of the West Endowment Fund
  Donate Jewish Family Service Endowment Fund
To fund social services through the auspices of the JFSR.
  Donate Jewish Federation PJ Library Endowment
  Donate JFSR Israel and Overseas Allocations Fund
Make annual contributions to Israel and/or overseas service organizations as determined by the Federation board or an Overseas allocation committee of the Federation.
  Donate JFSR LEGACY Endowment
for LEGACY donations to fund general operations
  Donate Jonah Cartwright Endowment Fund
  Donate Joyce and Dalton G. Feldstein Israel Scholarship Endowment Fund
The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide funds to Congregation B'nai Israel for granting scholarship for the confirmation class trip to Israel.
  Donate Judah Jacobson Scholarship Endowment Fund
To benefit Shalom School for scholarships
  Donate Kate and Rachel Provance Endowment Fund
  Donate KOH Library Endowment Fund
  Donate Larry and Sharon Legacy Fund FBO Mosaic Law Congregation
To support the needs of Mosaic Law Congregation in Sacramento CA
  Donate Lauren and Joshua Rosenblume Endowment Fund
  Donate Leonard V. Finder Hillel Lecture Series
  Donate Les Finke Quality of Life Endowment Fund
The purpose is to support and enhance the quality of life for the Albert Einstein Residence Center community
  Donate Madeline Rosenthal Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  Donate Martha and Morris Levy Family Endowment Fund
  Donate Melton Sacramento Endowment Fund
To fund Melton Sacramento General Operations
  Donate MLC Men's Club Endowment Fund
  Donate Morton S. Goldstein, M.D. Memorial Endowment Fund
  Donate Mosaic Law Endowment
Mosaic Law's Endowment will provide resources for the Mosaic Law's general fund.
  Donate Nathan and Keenan Fine Endowment Fund
  Donate Noa Esther Elliott Endowment Fund
  Donate Orly and Ava Fahn Endowment Fund
  Donate Ostrow KOH Library Endowment Fund
To sustain the ongoing operation of the KOH Library including: salaries, books, materials, equipment and furnishings
  Donate Phillips Campership Endowment Fund
This fund is designed to support Jewish Summer Camps in the greater Sacramento area. Qualified applicants will be Jewish 501(c)3 organizations running summer camp programs.
  Donate Poisner Family Endowment Fund
  Donate Rabbi Reuven Taff and Judith Kahler Endowment Fund
Provide support to teen scholarships to Israel and tuition assistance for youth and education programs through Mosaic Law Congregation.
  Donate Ruth Rosenthal Endowment Fund
  Donate Sandi Redenbach Mitzvah Project Endowment Fund
  Donate Sara and Natalie Rochman Endowment Fund
  Donate Sarah Poisner Endowment Fund
  Donate Shalom School Scholarship Endowment
To subsidize need-based tuition assistance for K-12 students at the Shalom School community Jewish day school, located in Sacramento CA.
  Donate Shenhar Endowment Fund
  Donate Slaton Family Endowment Fund
  Donate Steven and Sandra Felderstein Charitable Endowment Fund
  Donate Talia E. Gonzalez Endowment Fund
  Donate Teen Trips to Israel Endowment Fund
1.To redeem certificates given by the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region to boys and girls on their Bar or Bat Mitzvah for qualifying trips to Israel. 2.To subsidize other qualifying trips to Israel by teenagers.
  Donate The Greater Lake Tahoe Fund for Jewish Learning
To support Jewish Learning in the Greater Lake Tahoe region
  Donate The Kenesset Israel Torah Center LIFE and LEGACY Endowment Fund
To support Kenesset Israel Torah Center general Operations
  Donate The Larry and Norma Rappaport Programming Endowment
To provide annual funding for Hillel at Davis and Sacramento's programming staff
  Donate The Saber Scholarship Endowment Fund
To provide one or more annual scholarship(s) to an American River College student, in the field of science and chemistry, matriculating to a four-year program at an accredited university. Specific criteria are indentified in the American River College Scholarship Establishment Form.
  Donate Thomas Wayne Grossman Building Endowment Fund
To support NTHC maintenance of it's grounds and facilities
  Donate Tillie Schiff Donor Advised Endowment Fund
Supporting Shabbat dinners at Hillel at Davis and Sacramento and Kiddush lunch at Mosaic Law congregation.
  Donate TOR Legacy Endowment Fund
  Donate Transportation Support for the Jewish Elderly Endowment Fund
to facilitate transportation needs of the Jewish elderly
  Donate Trust Fund for Jewish Seniors
to provide services and support to the Jewish elderly of the greater Sacramento region.
  Donate William and Sedelle Belson Campership Endowment Fund
This fund is designed to support Jewish Summer Camps in the greater Sacramento area. Qualified applicants will be Jewish 501(c)3 organizations running summer camp programs
  Donate William Belson Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund is designed to provide need-based scholarships to students attending Shalom School in Sacramento, California or other need-based scholarships for students attending institutions of Jewish Learning in the greater Sacramento area. Qualified applicants will be Jewish 501(c) 3 organizations running educational programs.
  Donate William Henry Zimmerman URJ Campership Endowment Fund
To provide scholarships for deserving children whose families are members of Congregation B'nai Israel to attend URJ summer camp
  Donate Youth Philanthropy Endowment
to provide grant money which will be distributed by a youth philanthropy board on an annual basis.
  Donate Zoey Wittlake Endowment Fund
Foundation JCFW
  Donate Jewish Community Foundation of the West Operating Fund
Organization Owned Advised
  Donate Anna Forman Leadership Institute Philanthropic Fund
To fund leadership activities
  Donate Benabou - Nelson Moroccan Shabbat Fund
For Shabbat Support
  Donate Bubbie's Shabbat Fund
For Shabbat support
  Donate Friends of Albert Einstein Residence Center Philanthropic Fund
The Friends of the Albert Einstein Residence Center (AERC) was formed soon after the opening of the Center. It was organized by key local Jewish women anxious to enrich the lives of its residents. An independent non-affiliated organization, the Friends promoted and set-up fundraising events with the intent of using the funds to enhance the resident’s lives. Some examples included art appreciation, field trips, visiting exhibits and theatrical shows and celebrating and enjoying holiday festivities for all. The Friends group also underwrites meals for residents and guests, featuring regional food establishments, often with musical and holiday themes.
  Donate Hillard Fahn USY Scholarship Fund
  Donate Hillel at Davis and Sacramento Fund
  Donate Hillel Building/Programming Fund
  Donate Hillel Len Family Lunch Fund
For Tuesday Lunch support
  Donate Home of Peace General Endowment
  Donate Home of Peace Perpetual Maintenance Fund
  Donate Home of Peace Pre-Need Fund
  Donate HOP Acquisition and Improvement Fund
  Donate Julius and Joanne Kravitz Memorial Fund for Jewish Growth and Learning
To support an annual program at Hillel that excites Hillel students, faculty and staff and the larger Davis/Sacramento community.
  Donate KOH Library Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Melton Sacramento Fund
  Donate Pioneer Jewish Cemetery Fund
  Donate Shirley Seave Scholar-in-Residence Fund
  Donate Special Grants Pgm of the Jewish Federation of the Sacto Region
To fund grants to the community as authorized by JFSR
  Donate TICVA Fund
The Israel Civil Voice Alliance TICVA fund was established to promote programming for Civil Discourse.
  Donate TOR Cantorial/Music Fund
The fund is to be used for Cantorial Liturgic/Music needs of the congregation for at least 5 years.
  Donate Trust Fund for Jewish Seniors Philanthropic Fund
  Donate Youth Philanthropy Companion Fund
This fund was created to provide funding for the Teen Funders Sacramento program. The program was established in August 2020 and the funding is from the Youth Philanthropy Endowment. It has purpose of holding the spendable balance from the Youth Philanthropy Fund and additional donations, money's left at the end of the annual program cycle September - March will go into the Youth Philanthropy Endowment
Organization Owned Endowment
  Donate Congregation B'nai Israel General Endowment
  Donate Congregation B'nai Israel Maintenance Endowment
  Donate Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region Fund
To fund general operations
  Donate TOR Maintenance Endowment
Other Funds